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Vacant Home

Staged homes sell 75% faster than vacant homes!  It’s no secret that a new listing will receive 3x the views in its first week on the market. For this reason, it is imperative that your home is launched fully staged! It is extremely easy to notice every negative detail about a vacant house even from a photograph.  Allow our professional stagers to highlight your home's assets! We stage to sell while custom designing every room keeping the prospective buyer in mind.

~Rooms appear bigger when furnished because they possess a frame of reference.

~Empty rooms appear abandoned, cold and unkept.

~Reduce the attention to flaws in the room by adding décor.

~A staged space makes it easier for buyers to imaging their family in. It also provides an opportunity for an emotional connection.

Staging a vacant space requires design expertise, meticulous planning, furniture and decor inventory, rental contracts, and insight on prospective buyers. Fortunately, our staging team will handle all of these details for you as well as de-staging and delivery! 

Vacant Services…

Master Bedroom-$350

Master Bathroom- $150

Kitchen- $250

Dining Room- $300

Sunroom- $300

Basement- $350

It begins with a home walk through and consultation.  During the walk through, we will assess the staging elements necessary to insure maximum value for your home. You will receive a detailed proposal within 24-48 hours of the walk through - $150

Following the consultation, we will beautifully stage the spaces agreed upon with stylish furnishing and on trend décor, including artwork and lighting.  With strategic space planning and stylish accessories, we will showcase your home’s charming features to potential buyers! Prices are based on homes under 2,000 square feet. Larger homes are subject to rates based on the size of the rooms. Rental fees are based on furnishing and accessory needs.

Porch/Patio- $250 each

Entry Way- $150


Bathroom- $100

Living Room- $400

Family Room- $400

Before and Afters

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