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about Natalie

Owner/Lead Design Stylist


 There is no lack of talent or creativity in the design world and it's relatively easy to find an interior designer with an eye for ingenuity, but what sets Natalie Hallman apart from the rest is her devotion and dedication to her customers. Each project is truly tailored for each person. She understands that every project, client and budget is uniquely different and therefore tailors the design process for each individual.  Regardless of how large or small the project may be, she commits to listening to the needs and desires of her client, determining a unique coarse of action and working tirelessly to bring their design dreams to fruition. Her authentic attention to her customers, results in uncanny attention to detail in design and functionality. With more than 15 years of  design experience,  Natalie's mission of connecting while consulting is the driving force of her successful company and the reason why long-serving clients have become lifelong friends.  She is a wife, mother of 4, designer by trade and homemaker at heart!

Media Manager

Photographer and social media/marketing coordinator, Gabriela, insures that our clients and followers view spaces as if they were there!  Her photography provides a keen and intriguing visual perspective to our projects. Capitalizing on natural beautification is her expertise!  It is infused in her work along with her passion for capturing the essence of a space.  Because the process is as important as the product, Gabriela, keeps our clients connected and informed through various media platforms. While managing her own photography   company, Bri Photography, she has graduated with bachelor's degree in Elementary Education/Special Education.

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