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Occupied Home

Your home has less than 10 seconds to make a first impression on a prospective buyer! Since 95% of buyers will see your home for the first time, on the Internet, the photographs can be no less than spectacular.  Staging your occupied space sets your home apart from the rest. Choose one of our many staging services to transform your home and maximize the return on your investment!

Staging Consultation

During this in-home or virtual consultation, we will create a plan to prepare your home for the seller’s market. After viewing the interior and exterior of each room, you will receive a proposal containing easy to follow customized strategies and suggestions that you can implement on your own using your own items and décor. This is a 2-3 hour process based on the size of the property. 


Staging by Room 

This service begins with a staging consultation to assess a plan of action for furniture placement and accessories with the additional bonus of our team redesigning, arranging, and styling the room for you! We will maximize your room’s best features to ensure the transformation is beautiful, current, and most importantly, memorable. Whether we are staging one room or several, the results will be high-impact and lucrative. Price will vary according to size of the space.

Staging Interior and Exterior of the Home

After a thorough consultation of the interior and exterior of the property, this plan includes a comprehensive staging transformation to enhance your home’s assets inside and out! Using a combination of rearranging and adding artwork, décor and accessories we will attend to every detail necessary to produce a stunning and stylish space. Allowing our team to stage your home will result in beautiful photos, multiple showings and a packed open house. Price will vary according to size of the property.  There may be fees for rental furnishings and décor.  

Before and Afters

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