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Fall tablescape for Two!

If you want to set a tablescape that celebrates the season, the best idea is to use what you already have at home!  It's amazing how warm and welcoming a table can be with a scarf, vintage candlesticks and some pumpkins.  With just a few thoughtful touches, you can create a table where everyone will want to linger.  You can do it!

Fall Tablescape

For starters, try to select colors that compliment. If you love the colors, you can't go wrong. I chose navy, white and shades of yellow simply because they are my favorite colors and also work well for a fall theme.  Pick your favorite fall colors  and set the table!

To add interest in your design, use several different  patterns. Mixing solids, stripes, plaids, and florals crates a warm and relaxed setting.  We are aiming for a casual look that invites meaningful conversation. The consistent  color scheme will tie everything together.

Warm Tablescape
Patterned Tablescape

Perfection is the enemy! Trying to attain a flawless tablescape can result in an antiquated look. I chose to use a distressed table, tousled scarf, and patinated flatware.  Instead of perfect, try for comfortable and cohesive for a more desirable outcome.

Every table begs for bling! Feel free to add metals and even mix them. This table has various hues of gold, from shiny to antique that offset and enhance the casual look of the table dressing...I mean scarf.

Mixed Metals Tablescape
Serene Table for Two

Don't be afraid to move things around. Pick a serene and scenic spot for your snack.  This table was not originally positioned in this sunroom, but it seemed like the perfect setting to gaze at the hints of Fall.  Take your table to a cozy fire place, sunroom, porch or anywhere outside! Sometimes an unexpected  space can be exciting and surprisingly peaceful.

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